blue rose pieces are mostly sold in stores in the US. To purchase directly, please contact shopthebluerose@gmail.com. 

In both literature and art, blue roses are often symbolic of love and prosperity for those who seek it. In ancient Chinese folklore, a blue rose signifies hope against elusive love. Since blue roses do not grow naturally, they are also seen as mysterious and often associated in some cultures that the holder of one will have their wishes granted.

blue rose offers handmade boho chic jewelry pieces at affordable prices for the everyday fashionista. All of our pieces are made out of the highest quality materials such as 14k gold fill, 14k gold plating on top of sterling silver, and semi-precious stones. In order to make your experience that much better, we also offer FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US!

Whether you decide to keep the blue rose for yourself or pass it on to another, we hope it gives you love, prosperity, and hope, and may all your wishes come true!

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